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Πάπλωμα, Κουβέρτα ή Κουβερλί ΆΝΕΜΟΣ: Ποιες οι διαφορές τους;

Quilt, Blanket or Coverlet WIND: What are their differences?

February is the month when we have a cold, a heat. Some days you want to curl up in your duvet and other times you're looking to throw something lighter on you, since you feel like spring is closer than you expected.

So the dilemma is one: Quilt, blanket or coverlet? What are their differences and which one is more suitable for you?


beige quilt
blue quilt

Everyone's favorite cuddly comforters, which some of us have a hard time parting with. Quilts consist of two layers, the casing and the filling. The built-in filling is designed to retain warm air and expel the cold, offering the maximum feeling of warmth during sleep.
Choose the Sherpa quilt with its sheepskin-like underside or the Velvet Iron quilt where the topside will win you over with its velvety texture.


gray blanket

We usually dig it out of our cupboards when we want something to keep us warm on our sofa or when the temperature rises and the duvet starts to warm us too much. Without inner filling, the blanket has a lower thermal performance than the quilt, however, it is an equally good solution for daily use and easier to wash, due to its small volume.

For the softest and furriest feel, choose the Anemos Vison Waves blanket single or extra double. If, again, you love the cotton feel, the ideal blanket for you is the Cotton Rich Wind.


bed cover
bed cover

Throws are a thinner form of blanket that can be used both on top of your comforter or blanket, or on their own in the warmer months. AN additional use of blankets is decorative. Place it on top of your comforter and refresh your bedroom.

For timeless elegance, choose the Initial Super Double Duvet in 100% cotton sateen. For a sweeter shade of color, choose KING Size Washed Grey.

Now that you know the differences, which would you choose?

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