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#DecoDiaries: 3+1 βήματα για την καλύτερη Χειμερινή Διακόσμηση

#DecoDiaries: 3+1 steps for the best Winter Decoration

The warmth of winter penetrates our home with the most earthy and pale shades! Discover how you can refresh your home according to the season based on the following 3+1 steps!


How to decorate my house this winter?


Use Textures


They may not fill our eyes, but they certainly fill us with care & warmth at every touch... Textures are one of the most important features of a winter cozy space. We choose fluffy fabrics in our winter throws, such as the "Cotton Rich Dark Gray Blanket-Throw 130x180cm. ”, which is also used as a sofa blanket or the “Topaz Beige Three Seater Throw”. We add an extra winter mood with velvet textured rugs in cool shades, which are easily combined with our bedroom and living room decor. In this way, we not only beautify our space, but also help to insulate it, since we keep the cold surfaces covered. The "Romance Silver Embossed Rug" is the right addition to our living room - not only in terms of aesthetics, but also warmth.


Decoration and Lighting


We add some magic! Dried plants and sparkles that will emphasize various "hidden" spots, but also a winter character in our home. Choose dried pampas or branches in various shapes and sizes and place them in the most "bare" places, so that the space looks fuller and warmer.


A smart way to add extra magic to our home and have that sweet, cinematic lighting is to add lamps or even elegant table lamps. We choose dark spots and illuminate them with the sweet, warm light of table lamps, such as the "Delphi Honey Lamp". Winter Colors


The color palette we will choose for our winter decoration is A and Z to achieve the ideal result. The traditional winter colors are white, grey, silver. Cold colors, which, however, "get warmth" from the textures in the fabrics and the lighting of the space. If we want to break this color palette, we can of course also add pale pink or purple items, such as the decorative pillows "Comfort Pink Pillow A 50x50cm. ” and “Olympus Lilac Pillow 45x45cm”.


Create an atmosphere with the right Fragrances


Don't forget that winter is also its smells! Sandalwood, cinnamon and vanilla! Scents are what always complete the experience we keep from a space and what make it indelible in our memory! So, we lock in our winter mood with scents, such as that of the "Sandalwood Scented Room-Diffuser 200cc" and the "Sandalwood Scented Candle With Wooden Wick 240gr", which in addition to a wonderful aroma also offers us a special sound as the wooden wick burns. its like wood burning in the fireplace...


Finally, what decorating ideas should I follow?


Above we mentioned 3+1 chapters of winter home decoration: textures, decoration & light, colors and scents. But the most important chapter is your own imagination and appetite! Get inspired and create the sweetest winter decor to suit you and your character. Even if you "break" some decoration "rule", it's important to make your space... yours!


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