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Προϊόντα που αγαπήσατε τον Απρίλιο

Products you loved in April

Featured products this month and… you were absolutely right. We do not hide from you that they have a special place in our hearts. For the bedroom, bathroom or children's room, Anemos is always by your side in your most important moments.

Let's start with the bedroom:

Super double sheets with spring patterns and colors that refresh your space and mood. Discover their unique quality and enjoy a restful sleep.

Let's go to the children's room:

Here the feeling of softness and safety is the one that dominates. The soft Hedgehog Blankets in blue and pink became your favorite this April and we're especially happy because we loved them too.

For the bathroom:

The timeless Microcotton towels in beige color continue to have a special place in your bathroom decoration and it is completely understandable since they suit every aesthetic.

For the living room:

The Fourteen Silver armchair throw and the Embossed Lamp were two choices for your living room that decorated your space with an Air of inspiration and quality. If you couldn't find them in April, discover them today.

We thank you for your trust

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