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Tips για το πώς να φροντίσετε τα λευκά σας είδη τους καλοκαιρινούς μήνες

Tips on how to take care of your linen in the summer months

As summer approaches and the temperatures are getting warmer, it is necessary to take care of the linens in our home in order to ensure a comfortable and clean environment. Find below some easy tips and secrets that will help you keep your linen fresh for the entire summer season.

Bed sheets

It is better to change our sheets especially in the summer more often than usual, as more germs accumulate due to heat. Prefer not to overload your washers with each wash as sheets wear out with constant friction. Use mild detergents for white fabrics and consult the information on the linen labels for best results.

Anemos offers you the sheets of the ANELIA series, which are made of percale, known for their durability, comfort and the cool feeling they offer.


Whether you choose them to decorate your bed, or to keep you warm on the cooler summer nights, it is good to wash them once a week, avoiding the use of a dryer as it alters their softness.

Anemos recommends the blanket with washed microfiber fabric and hypoallergenic silicone filling, available in white, pink, mint, gray and lavender for your bedroom.


If you want your towels to always be clean and soft, the secret is in the combination of washing and drying. Choose mild detergents and wash at 60℃. Avoid strong bleaches, as repeated washes can damage their fibers.
Stretch the towels well before laying them out and steam iron them.
So they will stay like new!

Anemos offers you the Dobby towel set made of 100% cotton for greater absorbency and durability.

A few more tips

-After each wash, spread your linens well to avoid moisture and unpleasant odors.
-When ironing your sheets, use gentle to low heat for a smoother, wrinkle-free texture.
-For more freshness, use scented fabric sprays on a weekly basis.

With a…Wind of care


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